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Monday 25 December 2017

Style Savvy: Trendsetters - A Screenshot Diary

This is a screenshot diary of Style Savvy: Trendsetters I had put together in 2012 as a writing exercise of sorts. As I played it, Trendsetters went on to become one of my favourite games ever. The game has a lot of variety and depth to it, and I think that really comes across below.

Got hired at Mira Luna! It’s an up-and-coming fashion boutique.
I’ll be working there as an assistant, helping customers pick out clothes.

Getting ready for work...

First day helping at Mira Luna! I find that customers come in all ages.

Another customer! Meet Shea. She’s really upbeat and excitable...

Here’s Michaela, my mentor. Nailing down her taste can be hard.

Some self-experimentation back home. Clothes courtesy Cantata Modo.
Cantata are known for their elegant, feminine look. They’re affordable, too.

...Mint Sprinkles, on the other hand, pride themselves on their “pop” look.
I’m going to be checking them and other brands out at the Buyer’s Center today.

More exploration around the Buyer’s Center. AZ-USA is a “bold” brand.
Hmm... Not sure if those hotpants are for everyone, but AZ-USA have variety.

And their clothes go well with those from Stagedive, which sport an “edgy” look.
Stagedive have a very distinctive, very stylish look. That logo isn’t just for show!

*snore* Long day at the Buyer’s Center. It’s where we get all our stock.
Each brand company has its own representative. (Oh, the jacket is from AZ-USA)

A new day finds me hanging out downtown with Michaela!
She knows her way around town and practically everyone in the business.

Back to the store and earning my pay, helping people pick out their clothes.
I’m quickly learning that some customers can be awfully... eccentric.

Trying out more clothes back home. The Buyer’s Center will do that to you.
You get to take home a complementary piece of each item of clothing we stock.

This is Genevieve. She and Daphne run the Buyer’s Center. I see her often.
It’s been a couple of weeks since I began working at Mira Luna.

Genevieve seems to know a lot about tea...

Ta-dah! My new assistant. After repeated visits, we hired Shea to help out!
While we were doing that, I decided to get a makeover for my new promotion.

...I don’t remember for the life of me who this is.
Socializing with your customers is an important part of business though.

Here’s my new look, courtesy of Stagedive and the hair salon nearby!

We seem to be having fun. If only I could remember who she was...

Back at the apartment, making preparations for the store’s rebranding.

Welcome to the all-new Cat’s Eye! Yours truly runs the show around here now.
Michaela’s off working on some kind of super-secret project, so I’m taking over.

Been checking some of the other stores in the area out. Wow!

Cat’s Eye is doing pretty well. We specialize in the feminine and bold looks.
That top, again, is from AZ-USA. They’re bold, but can also be very flirty.

Here’s Deirdre, another unusually happy panda.
Oh, and check out our new logo on her shopping bag!

Been investigating a new brand at the Buyer’s Center.
This top is from Kanokoi, who specialize in the Asian look.
(Oh, and the previous hairstyle looked terrible. This is much better.)

...along with Raven Candle, who indulge in the goth-princess style.
Raven Candle, when mixed with AZ and Cantata, can create very varied looks.

The after-party after a Beginner’s Contest. These are periodical fashion shows.
That’s the winning model, dressed by Emmylou, who also apprenticed under Michaela. 
Next to her is the local fashion photographer.

She really has an eye for clothes that stand out.

And here are Michaela and Avery! The two of them go way back.
Together, they’re working to build to build up the town’s fashion rep.
The two of them are the ones who’ve been arranging these fashion contests.

Another day, another fun outing with one of our new customers.

Mary-Jane (obviously not the Spider-Man character) is another regular.
It took a while to figure out what kind clothes she likes to wear.

Meanwhile, these two good friends are far more straightforward.
The two of them started up a blog where they post pictures of various outfits that they purchase from Cat’s Eye. 
They’re quite the Internet sensation!

...this stereotypical Asian-looking shot was totally unintentional.

We’ve recently started stocking clothes for men, too.
This is Danny, one of our regular male customers. He drops by often.

Getting ready for another Beginner’s Contest. This time, I’m participating!

Strike a pose!

Contest didn’t go so great. The competition can be pretty brutal...
But, to make up for it... here’s Michaela buying clothes from her own store!
Finally figured out that Michaela likes to indulge in a mix of bold and elegant.

A day at the park with Michaela.

This is India. (Who the heck names their kid after a country...?)
She works at the café. Maybe we’ll bump into her again soon.

Some of our customers are so cute when they’re pondering what to buy!

VICTOLY! Another sale made!

(The top is from Cantata. Winter is setting in...)

This “thumbs up” thing is becoming something of a trend around here...

Not for her, though! She looks like she’s going to explode into sparkly bits!

The Internet sensations return! Their blog has been doing well.
Naturally, that means more publicity for Cat’s Eye, too!

Another contest! Michaela in the midst of preparations...
(I actually went on to win this one! That makes me eligible for Premier-level.)

A new photo studio opened up in town. Here’s a few shots.

They really do know how to go for those dramatic angles, don’t they?

For those wondering, the trenchcoat and handbag are from Cantata.
Cantata Modo have a sister-brand, Cantata Tasca, who specialize in handbags.

The park sure is a frequent socializing spot for a lot of our regulars...

Another new brand in town, Soymilk. They specialize in “Boho-chic” clothes.
Soymilk’s clothes can be hard to match with a lot of the other styles.

At a concert, sporting a new jacket from Zhade, who just came to town.
Zhade are a luxury brand, and are among the most expensive ones at present.

At the Amusement Park with two friends who buy from us often.

When someone familiar with Kanokoi puts together an outfit, it looks fantastic.

At the Cake Shop with Danny. He has quite the sweet tooth...

More and more guys have been visiting Cat’s Eye of late!
Department 9 is the men’s equivalent of Stagedive. Very “edgy”.

Another new jacket from Zhade. These are great for concerts.
Our Zhade stuff has been selling for really high prices right off the mannequin.

Second night in a row! Same jacket, different friend.

Juno and her friend at the Amusement Park.
One likes rollercoasters, while the other prefers the less chaotic merry-go-round.

That ever-eccentric MC Mode, shopping at Cat’s Eye. He hosts the contests.
He and Avery are working together on some kind of soap opera...

Concert again! The lady on the right is wearing a Raven Candle top.
My clothes are Zhade/Cantata. While Cantata are affordable, they can also double as a luxury brand. Some of their skirts, coats and tops can be very fancy.

Contrary to popular belief, these two aren’t twins!
They’re just best friends who happen to look alike... go figure.

Another visit to the Amusement Park. Does no one drink coffee anymore?!

...wait, I take that back. Someone take me back to the Amusement Park!
(This is Popquiz’s store at the Buyer’s Center. They’re a “retro” brand.)

Taking part in the Premier Contest! If we win this, we’ll move up to Elite level.
MC Mode kicks things off with his usual brand of terrible puns.

My model on the ramp, dressed by me for today’s theme—Wild & Edgy.

She really knows how to flaunt those Stagedive clothes! This is our forté.

So confident. I wouldn’t be surprised to if we won at this rate...

We won the Premier Contest! This is a pretty big deal—eligible for Elite now!
Here are Michaela and Avery, offering congratulations.

Photographer-girl, always where the action is! She’s a real Clark Kent.

At the after-party at the hotel.

Don’t remember who this oddball is. You run into a lot of people at these parties.

Avery and MC Mode dropping by with more words of praise.

...MC Mode’s jacket has more flowers than that entire bouquet.

The big night already: the Elite Contest. Things have happened so quickly.
I thought I’d be going up against Emmylou, but she seems to have other plans...

Here’s my model on the ramp, dressed in a simple outfit for every occasion.

Aaaaand... we won! Michaela and Emmylou run up in excitement.

Celeste from the makeup studio and Ingrid from hair salon!

Avery and MC Mode, saying they knew I’d win all along. Such confidence!

Hey, the folks from the Buyer’s Center! The gang’s all here!

I need to choose someone to go out with me on stage when I collect my prize.
Naturally, I’m going to ask my mentor, Michaela.


A group shot with everyone! Thanks for all the support!

This isn’t the end of the game, though. You can keep playing after the Elite Contest ends, and there’s more to do in the game after that.